Assigning a single group value in a parameter based on Row level Security

Hi All,

I am working on Row Level Security requirement (RLS) where we have User Login and Their Group in the RLS dataset. So someone who logs in will have only that group value enabled for them.
Task is to hide the charts for one of the group and following the approach below: In settings—> selecting Free form Format the visual—>Rules—>If Parameter —>equals to—> Group value

But while capturing the Group Value in the Parameter, it’s always giving “All”. instead of enabled single value for the group.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the single enabled Group value in the Parameter

hi @anshulsri , I think you are referring to Dynamic Default instead of RLS? Creating parameter defaults in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

May I know if you have setup in Dynamic Default or RLS?

Yes @royyung . I am trying to set the Dynamic Default in the Parameter to grab the Group value which can be later used to hide the visuals in Free-Form.
For setting up the Dynamic Default in Parameter ,I am setting the values as following:
Dataset with Default values and user informtaion: Assigned RLS Dataset here
Username Column : Username column from the same dataset
Column for Default Value: Group name from same Dataset

please be reminded that user name using in RLS and Dynamic Default is different. the one in RLS is user/group ARN. you may refer to below screenshot

And the one using in Dynamic Default is just user name or group name

can check if you have setup the same?

Hi @anshulsri. We hope the response from @royyung helped you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking the answer as a “Solution”. Many thanks.

@royyung Thank you for the response. But I am just trying to Hide/Show the visuals for Multi-tenants environment.
I have captured the UserNames and Tenants information a Dataset and applied RLS on the Main Dataset. I am trying to Hide some Visuals for one Tenant, Based on Tenant ID , which is getting flown due to RLS , and show the Visuals for other Tenant.

Solution Trying:
Found an option to Hide/Show the Visual in Free-Form Layout , which can be done using a Parameter.
I am facing difficulty to get the Tenant name in the Parameter(getting value as “All” even when there is only one value of Tenant available).

How to get the Tenant Name in the parameter?