Association of two tables on a key

Hi Experts,
I have tow tables with duplicated ids due to sub category and the other table due to key/value columns.
Sample tables:
Table A :
Rid diskid
1 d1
1 d2
2 d1
2 d5

Table 2 :
Rid key
1 k1
1 k2
2 k1
2 k5

I want to report on the counts of Rids and diskids.But when i join its going to cause duplicates and give me a incorrect count.
i can do a composite key and do distinct on it but is there a way i can associate two tables without being joined just like qliksense Association concept.

Quicksight does not support combing visuals from two datasets.

You can link filters across datasets with either parameters, or if they are named the same field by applying “All applicable visuals”


I just wanted to filter the associated Rid when filtered on key column value and viceversa as well.
Ex: if i select Rid 1 then associated key k1 and k2 should be shown and if i select k1 from key column then it should show all associated Rids.
Is it possible to achieve this without joining the two tables and if yes how?

yes either with parameters or applying all applicable visuals.