August 14 | Enable Generative AI workloads with Snowflake and AWS | New York, NY

Join us on August 14 to learn about how you can start bringing the latest cutting-edge generative AI tools to your organization today.

During this one-day interactive boot-camp, you will learn the latest Snowflake and AWS joint Generative AI solutions, gain hands-on experience with Snowflake and AWS AI/ML and Analytics services, including Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Amazon QuickSight, while having a chance to work alongside industry experts, partners and other organizations facing similar challenges.

By the end of this workshop you will:
• Hear from industry experts about the latest generative AI joint solutions and use cases from Snowflake and AWS
• Gain hands-on experience leveraging Snowflake data to build predictive ML models, visualizing results using Generative business intelligence (BI), and deploying results to external applications
• No code data preparation and feature engineering
• No code machine learning modeling and deployment
• Learn how to automate the process of data collection, data preparation, model creation and the consumption of model insights - all without writing any code.
• Become empowered to easily build machine learning pipelines and visualize results to solve immediate business challenges - without any prior ML knowledge or programming experience

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