Auto refresh dashboard

Hi, I have dashboard in my factory and I would like them to auto update every 15min. Currently my managers are having to manually refresh the page. Is there anyway to get the dashboard to auto refresh?

Hi @chrismorgan2705,

Thank you for posting.

Kindly review the last section of the blog below to see how auto refresh works on Amazon QuickSight.


Hi Demola

Thank you for getting back to me. The option for auto refresh is not available to me when I publish the dashboard, do you know why this would be the case?

What is your datasource and are you ingesting into SPICE?


I have attached an image of the dataset details, I hope you can see it.

Hello @chrismorgan2705, unfortunately that solution suggested above only works if you are building your datasets through the OpenSearch service. There is not really an alternative built in way to manage that data refresh without the refresh page. My team has built some strange solutions to handle the refresh but that only works on an embedded platform.

With your dataset being so small, maybe Direct Query would work okay for this instance? I rarely ever suggest it because it can be detrimental to load times of the visuals but it might be worth trying.

Otherwise, I will go ahead an tag this topic as a feature request since there is not a better way to manage the issue. I am going to archive this question, so if you have a new question or would like more follow-up on this issue please create a new topic in the community and add link to this question. Thank you for your feedback!