Auto refresh materialized view (to be used in QS)

While altering the materialized view for auto refresh I am facing the issue
An incrementally maintained materialized view could not be created, reason: The given materialized view contains one or more of the following mutable functions: current_date, cast from VARCHAR or TEXT to DATE. The materialized view created, analytics_schema.vwcinemasales, will be recomputed from scratch for every REFRESH.


Materialized views work same as table just different they need to refresh after sometime of interval.
If the structure of MV change every time it will not work.

Incremental refresh must work on it.

Naveed ali

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Thanks for the suggestion. but I have one doubt incremental refresh to work first we need to alter the view for auto refresh right?
with command Alter materialized view “view_name” auto refresh Yes then only data will update right? correct me if I am wrong here
that this command only giving me the error

Hi @UdayKotkar3421 ,

Though your question is linked to incremental refresh, you are really trying to get solution to an issue you are having on the database end. You will be able to get better response by posting that to relevant database forum. I’m archiving this question. Please let us know if you have further questions on QuickSight.

Arun Santhosh