Auto Select Other Controls

I want to work on like if I selected something from the drop down menu other controls also get auto selected, accordingly.
For example: If I select I particular Agent, her brokerage get auto selected and when I am using this other control on a pie-chart to see her brokerages agents stats and don’t need to select that brokerage again. Is there any way?
Please Help.

Hello @graphs!

You can accomplish this by using “Show Relevant Values Only” when creating parameter controls and filters.

What you would do is create your Agent Name Filter and Brokerage Filter, and on the secondary filter, use “Show Relevant Values Only” so that only Brokerages associated with the Agent Name would appear.

But I want that show relevant values to get auto-selected. See for example I have an agent and its associated brokerage in DB what I want to see is that I can see the stats of this agents brokerage so that the agent can compare with other agents of her brokerage. For now if I want to see the this the user(agent needs to select again her brokerage but that we can infer from database, basically I want to get rid of the second filter).I am in urgent need of this solution.

Somebody, please help me.

Hello @graphs !

Depending on how many agents you are creating this dashboard for you could create a parameter choice that is associated with a table breaking down your KPI’s or metrics from the brokerage that you want to target.

What you would do is create a parameter called Agents and then add a control filter like the one below:

Then you will want to create a calculated field for Brokerage Choice that will be based on the Agents Parameter Control filter selection:

${Agents} = 'Agent 1', {brokerages} = 'Agent 1 Brokerages',
${Agents} = 'Agent 2', {brokerages} = 'Agent 2 Brokerages',
${Agents} = 'Agent 3', {brokerages} = 'Agent 1 Brokerages',

If you add that calculated field to a table along with the fields that have your metrics, it will allow you to have it auto populate only the brokerages associated with the agents.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for!

Hey @graphs !

Was my post above helpful or do you still need help with this?

The above solution is kind of Hard Coded. What if I have 1 lakh Agents and 1000 Brokerages. I can’t follow the above process. I need something Dynamic.


You can try this:

{Agent} = ${Agent}, 

Ideally you will have a default value for your ${Agent} which you can accomplish using RLS and dynamic default. Or you could just require an Agent selection in the control.