Auto send to back and bring to front

I have a filter with 2 drop down options. When I select he 2nd drop-down option I want the 1st sheet to be sent to the back so that the 2nd sheets info displays. When I select the 1st drop down option I want the 2nd sheet to be sent to back. Conditional rule to hide only hides the information not the sheet. Are the options below possible based of a filter selection in a control?

Visuals can be organized into multiple layers that can be manually moved to the front and back.

To move overlaid visuals to the front and back
  1. Choose the visual that you want.
  2. On the menu in the upper-right hand side of the visual, choose Menu options.
  3. For Menu options, choose from the following:
  • Send to back sends the visual to the back.
  • Send backward sends the visual one layer back.
  • Bring forward rings the visual one layer forward.
  • Bring to front brings a visual to the front.

There is no ability to do that for sheets.

You would need to have your logic send to back / bring forward all visuals on the sheet.