Automated Email of QS Reports/dashboards

Is there a way to generate an automated consolidated custom email containing 4 sections each having a chart from different dashboards? We want to use the automated email dashboard PDF distribution feature but it seems one email for one dashboard. we want to send a consolidated email. Possible?

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Not seen this option yet, you can configure 4 different emails. No combination available yet.

Naveed Ali

Noted. Thanks @Naveed

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As @Naveed mentioned, scheduled emails only work on one dashboard at a time. One possible solution - outside of Quicksight - is to use a script (Python comes to mind!) that would get the visuals via APIs and create/send an email. I’ll mark as solved for now.

@gillepa any update on this … Quicksight considering to build this feature ? This can be a very useful feature where users can select 2 tabs at once and send in a single email. This has become an everyday request from our users

Hi @arjunbyrappa
At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker.

Thanks @gillepa looking forward to the feature

Hi @arjunbyrappa Have you explored newly released Paginated Reports Module. Inormation that was previously spread out over multiple sheets, could be designed as a Paginated sheet with enhanced formatting capabilities and explicit page breaks. Kindly check this approach if it works for you.


Hi @Aneek_Arora

Was very eager to check that capability and inculcate if it works. But by default this feature is a paid one without a trial which is making it hard to understand if it works or not