Automating Group Assignments

HI there,

I know this is possible but have not seen much documentation on the the QS Pages for it. I am attempting to automate bucketing of users to groups/namespaces as they log in as we are configured with IAM SSO. I know it is possible to use lambda in combination with a crawler to remove the user and add them back to the account once they log in. I am not finding documentation on how to set this up. Any pointers?

Hi @pagekevi - Can you please try to explore the QuickSight boto3 API for this activity. Please see the documentation below - QuickSight - Boto3 1.28.5 documentation

Regards - Sanjeeb

Thanks Sanjeeb. Do you happen to have a sample script available or no of a repostory. If your are internal this is my Alias.

Hi @pagekevi - Just curious, why you are adding and removing the user and again adding them again. any specific reason for the same?

Regards - Sanjeeb

So they login through the iam role they are assigned to and we need to add them to the groups as QS will not do it automatically.

Hi @imaitri - Is it possible to get the boto3 examples for QuickSight API demonstrated in last QuickSight session. This will help us in some cases.

Hi @pagekevi - I believe you have to use register_user api.

Hi @Koushik_Muthanna - Need your help on an example of register_user api. I do not have an environment to test it. please help.

Regards - Sanjeeb