Autoselect parameter options based on other parameters, without 'Select All'

I have multiple parameters with on-sheet controls. I would like one parameter (HQ ID) to dictate what the other parameters show, where there should only be 1 value for the other parameters when HQ ID is set. I need these other parameters to auto-populate with the single value it has so that other visuals display correctly below (e.g., actions in the map).

I’ve set the other parameters to be ‘relevant’ to the data hub HQ id parameter using ‘change relevant values’. And ticked ‘Hide Select all option from the control values if the parameter has a default configured’. (post 2)

I’ve tried all combinations of ‘Set reserved value’ in the edit parameter box for the HQname parameter (the one I want to only show a single value based on HQ id parameter). (post 3)

But it always shows ‘All’ or ‘Select All’ first when I change my ‘Data Hub HQ ID’ field. And the HQ DUNS parameter did not update to the new only existing number. This is a big issue because the visualisations below do not filter accordingly, even though there is only 1 real option for the parameters, and the parameter piped into text shows ‘All’ rather than the actual content.

I will try to post more screenshots as replies due to the new user embedded image limit


could it be an option to use a table to filter everything by using actions? Or does it have to be filtered by the drop down controls?

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