Availability of 20 decimal places but rounds to 4 decimal place - Calculation going wrong

Hey All,
I have created a division calculated field and I need to sum the result of the division in one of my analysis.

The division is leading to very small decimal values almost uptil 8 decimals and Quicksight is rounding it to 4.
Since there are upto 3 lakh records, when I am summing up the division values(which is the final use case), I am getting incorrect no.


I have tried multiplying the numerator by 1000 so I can get closer to the actual but since the decimal places after division comes are upto 8 , multiplying by 1000 isn’t helping and when multiplying by a bigger number it’s exceeding the quicksight limit.

Can somebody please help on how do I go about with it?


Can you multiply by a bigger number in the first calculated field and then in your sum divide by that same multiplier?

I know there is a feature request of adding more decimals but I will mark this as a feature request again.