Average in Matrix When Collaposed

Hi All,

Is there a way to trick the Matrix visual to show the average of a column instead of the sum when collapsed?

If you look at the expanded table in the image below (top) it has all the data I need. However, in a perfect world it would only have 3 columns, Starting Pipeline, Pushed and Push Rate, and when collapsed it would show the average of all these columns.

I’m sharing your feature request with our product team. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @dmarcus , currently in QS the total and subtotal for the calculation are based on how you define your calculation and apply to the whole base table. E.g. the average push rate for each owner will be the average for all the records belong to that owner.
Instead, if you want to calculate the average monthly push rate for each owner, you will need the new functionality called Level Aware Calculatio, which we will launch very soon. With the new functionality, you can create a calculated field like : avg(avg(push_rate,[month])) which first calculate the push rate for each month, and then aggregate that number up for each owner.
The Level Aware Calculation is in the preview phase, we are targeting to launch it soon for general available. Please watch for the community annoucement.