AWS announces Amazon Q in QuickSight

Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Amazon Q in QuickSight is now generally available. The Generative BI capabilities of Amazon Q in QuickSight help business analysts and business users easily build and consume insights using natural language.

Amazon Q in QuickSight reinvents BI, allowing business users to quickly distill key insights from data to inform business decisions, while accelerating the work of business analysts, so organizations can become data-driven. You can prompt Amazon Q using a few words to generate a sharable document or presentation in moments that explains data, extracts key insights and visuals, and recommends best actions to improve your business. A new data Q&A experience provides multi-visual answers, so you can confidently answer questions from data not already answered by your dashboards. Executive summaries keep you in the know by extracting key insights from any dashboard in seconds. Dashboard-authoring capabilities make it easier than ever before for business analysts to analyze data and build interactive dashboards, by using natural language to quickly build and refine visuals and create complex calculations. Developers can now add Generative BI capabilities to applications by embedding the new multi-visual Q&A experience with just a few lines of code, so end users can confidently answer questions from data. Amazon Q in QuickSight is not trained on customer data, and its governance and data security features meet the most stringent requirements for enterprise and government customers.

These Amazon Q capabilities are now generally available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Frankfurt) AWS Regions.

To learn more about Amazon Q in QuickSight see the AWS Business Intelligence Blog and try Amazon QuickSight free for 30 days.

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@jbernz - is there any timeline of when it will be available in other regions, specifically in us-east-2 (Ohio)?