Background Spaces

Hello everyone,
Is there something to use, like a background, to define specific spaces in the Dashboards? I am using Insights components, but I do not know whether it is appropriate or not.

I created an example using Power Point to show exactly what I am looking for to do.


Hello @woliveiras , have you tried using the “Free-Form” layout under Settings? You can arrange visuals in any order using free-form layout.

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Hello @Imran_Burki , how are you doing?

I am using free-form however, I would like to create another tier to organize the objects. For example, if you realize, each limit space has a different border. It is like a different background.

What I did here. I have used an Insight object to do that. In my opinion, the best way would be to have a free object available to use or allow us to upload a background image.


Hi @woliveiras, sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for the clarification. Currently, an Insight object is the method to import images and overlaying. I’ve noted the feedback to allow QuickSight to upload a background image in our internal feature request tracker.



This would be great. I would vote for being able to include shapes or lines that can be layered behind visuals.

If the formatting objects feature enhancement could be elements of a dashboard that are not considered visuals (like the title and description), that would be great. We are using custom narratives to create “sections”, however we are often running into the 30 visual limit due to usage of many visuals for formatting purposes.

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