Backup for all Dataset, Analysis and Template

Anyone know how to backup and restore all Dataset, Analysis and Template by Json file? I am trying to do this by API. However, it is so strange for Analysis that we can only create by console. That mean even I backup dataset and template. I can’t restore it as well. I have to restore the Dataset and then create the Analysis manually. Then restore the template by json file with some id change according to the Analysis manual creation.
Anyone have a better way to do the backup and restore / release?

For now you can call template API: QuickSight — Boto3 Docs 1.20.26 documentation. Here it is a blog we wrote: BIOps: Amazon QuickSight object migration and version control | AWS Big Data Blog

We are working on a feature that will address this. Stay tuned. I have a python framework will be released later.

That mean I can’t backup the Analysis as code / json in this moment? In case, the Analysis is deleted. Even, I have the Template backup as json (Which the Template is deleted as well). I can’t create the Dashboard as the related Analysis is deleted. Am I correct?

Moreover, I just find an issue that if I use the json file of Template to create a new template via API, it didn’t have any request parameter for Version.DataSetConfigurations. It may have potential issue when the templates are created by different version of analysis.

For now, you can’t save analysis as Json…


Can you mind to provide the document about the beta api? I would like to know more about it first.

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