Based on Hospital name selection we need to display the Image URL (Image)

Hello, i have two perameters one is Hospital name onther one is images hear i am pssing the images perameter into custom visual content but based on Hospital name selection we need to disply the image but filtering not haping, only when go select images perameter it is working but my requirement is the based on Hospital name selection we need to disply image we have any option to control this senario,Please suggest me on this.
Note: we apply Show relevant values only based on Hospital name

Hello @bpradeepkumar thanks for your question.

Here I understand that you want to show the hospital image based on the user selection, here you have mainly two options, depending whether you have the URL of the image stored in your dataset or not:

If stored in your dataset

I would recommend to use a table and add a column with the URL link and then configure the table to show the image instead of the link.

Then add a filter to your table visual based on the hospital parameter to show only that one.

Finally, in order to just show the image without revealing the table, use the custom table formatting to:

In case it is not stored in your dataset

You can use the custom visual as you are doing and then store the image URLs using a predictable format like this:

If you don’t have control on the hospital image naming I would recommend to store the URLs in the dataset and use the table option mentioned earlier.

Hope it helps, please mark this solution as solved if that’s the case also to help other members of the community., otherwise let us know.

Happy dashboarding!

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Thanks @EnriqueS for your solution it is working.

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Glad to hear that, contact us anytime with any request you might have!


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Hi @EnriqueS can you reply on this below post