Best Practices - Production Dashboards

I am looking for best practices that you are following in managing QS dashboards in production. How are you tackling bugs and change requests simultaneously? Bugs are quick turn-around while change request may take a few days based on complexity. How do you ensure your QS report developers are always usually thr latest version and not do rework many a times.

Hello @kumarm22 thank you for your question.

If I understand correctly you are looking for best practices for CI/CD (a.k.a. BIOps) in Quicksight to plan, control, validate and finally deploy changes in your Quicksight environment.

While this is a pretty broad topic that would require a long reply I am will be sending you a direct message to address these questions.

Thank you!

@EnriqueS This is of interest for me as well. Could you send me additional information to me as well.

Thanks so much. I will send you my direct email id to take the conversation forward.