Billing Inquiry for Amazon QuickSight Trial Account

Hello,My name is nanami, and I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I encountered while using Amazon QuickSight under the 30-day free trial.

During my trial period, I noticed that there were unexpected charges incurred, even though I was under the impression that the trial was entirely free of charge. I want to emphasize that I did not receive any prompts or notifications indicating that my actions would result in additional fees.

I would appreciate your assistance in clarifying the nature of these charges and, if possible, reversing them, as my intention was solely to evaluate the features and capabilities of Amazon QuickSight during the trial period. I believe there might be a misunderstanding or oversight in the communication regarding the billing aspects of the trial.

To provide you with more context, I initiated the trial with the understanding that it was a no-cost evaluation for 30 days. Unfortunately, the unexpected charges have caused concern, and I would like to resolve this matter promptly.

Thank you very much!

Hey Nanami,

it seems like Paginated Reports are not part of the free trial. Like David_Wong mentioned in this post: Fee QuickSight - Question & Answer - Amazon QuickSight Community you should contact AWS Support and explain your situation.