Box Plot Creation Issue

Hi all,

I was wondering if QuickSight had the ability to create a box plot on QuickSight that would allow me to Group By an MHE cluster, and then have the individual quartiles labeled as the avg TPH value for a sort center. This is a screenshot I took from Tableau, and I would like to recreate it on QuickSight.
image (1)

I’ve tried creating a calculated field to calculate TPH grouped by SC, but when I try to add that to the visual, I get an error. In the field wells, I have “benchmark_type” under the Group By section and Avg TPH by Sort Center for the Value section.

Here is the query that I used to pull the data into QuickSight for reference, with the table names and filtering omitted for confidentiality purposes:

, b.benchmark_type
, SUM(a.volume) / NULLIF(SUM(a.hours),0) as tph_nsnc_adjusted
FROM table1 a
LEFT JOIN table2 b ON =
WHERE a.category = 'insert_filter_here'
GROUP BY 1, 2, 3

Hi @yipk,
did you found a solution?

Hi @ErikG , after contacting QuickSight SDE team about this, it appears that it is a QuickSight limitation of not being to select the granularity of data for box plot visualizations. I have since had to do a workaround of using multiple queries to get the desired views I needed.

I have submitted a feature request for this.

Thank you for your help!