Browser preventing login?

A year ago I lost access to be able to login to Quicksight in Chrome in ‘normal’ mode and after experimenting, switched to InCognito mode which worked up until two days ago. So, I then switched to Edge ‘normal’ mode whihc worked for a day and now all I have left is Edge InPrivate mode (although FireFox will probably work).

When signing in with the correct credentials (the same creds used in Edge InPrivate mode), I receive the message “The QuickSight account name you provided is invalid. Verify that you are using the correct account, and try again.”

I found this in a Quicksight troublshooting page:
"Amazon QuickSight isn’t working in my browser

If you can’t view Amazon QuickSight correctly in your Chrome browser, take the following steps to fix the problem.

To view Amazon QuickSight in your Chrome browser

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to chrome://flags/#touch-events.
  2. If the option is set to Automatic, change it to Disabled
  3. Close and reopen Chrome."

However #touch-events doesn’t exist, but I would guess it is something related.

Is anyone able to help please?


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Would like to dive deeper a bit more on this issue, and try to understand what’s the underlying pattern. Will reach out separately

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Could you help me with a solution to resolve it?

This sounds like an issue that we will need more information to dig into. Here are the steps to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support. If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.