Calcuclation management

Hi team,

I was wanting some help with calculation management within a dashboard or data set.

We all have multiple calculations across dashboard or datasets and I was wanting to know if there is any way to extract these, outside of going into a dashboard > + add calculation > navigate to calculation in the top right under ‘Fields’ > then selecting the relevant calculations field by field - is this possible?

I’m not sure if this has been raised before - but is there a way to add (or review) a new calculation without navigating away from a dashboard or report?

a) being able to add calculations without having to navigate away from the dashboard/workspace will be a lot more efficient than the current workflow
b) sometimes when reviewing a metric/field in a dashboard means having to navigate away, then back again - at times I need just to check a calculation as refresher to how it is functioning

Also, if there was a central way to manage these, that would be great. Especially if there was some functionality which captures an “Also used in” category - whereby it would list the other calculations which reference that calculation/measure. Or even something like the below:

Also used in
Sales%, SalesYTD, SalesMoM…etc.


That would be really cool. I get confused myself with were things are being used.

I’ll mark this as a feature request.