Calculate billing for different namespace

We have created diffrent namespace for diffrent organizations and under those namespace we created users. Now we need to calculate billing/costing for each namespace, so how we can caluclate billing for each namespace.

Hello there, namespace is a great tool to organize/isolate users. For the visibility of QuickSight cost by namespace, I would refer you to a recent aws workshop, Advanced QuickSight Cost and Usage Analysis,
Advanced QuickSight Cost and Usage Analysis: 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning Series - YouTube. This workshop covers the CUR data as a foundation for many cost and usage analysis using SQL, it also covers a Cost Intelligence Dashboard(CID) which has a predefined view based namespace, see

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Thanks Xing for sharing link…I wanted to calculate the cost for Namespace and in above video there any nothing mention about namespace costing. could you please help me to calculate namespace costing. I have 3 namespace created and those are using by different agencies and I need to calculate billing for them

The video provided a general guidance on using CUR with custom query. You would need to develop such query based user arn which has namespace in it.

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Thanks @Xing , We have finally calculated the cost per session per namespace.

This is one part we calculated. Now I would like to calculate SPICE usage by namespace, ex: which namespace used how many gb data from spice that I would like to calculate.

Please help me with that.

Thanks for your help

Unfortunately there is no out of box way to calculate SPICE usage by namespace. However if you have a mapping on dataset and namespace, you can use dataset API call, describe_dataset API, to get the ConsumedSpiceCapacityInBytes , see DataSet - Amazon QuickSight

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Thanks @Xing, we are working on the solution which you provided.

we need to share dashboard from one namespace to another namespace, is there any way to share dashboard from one namespace to another namespace.

have a look at this : Govern and manage permissions of Amazon QuickSight assets with the new centralized asset management console | AWS Big Data Blog

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@Koushik_Muthanna Thank you for your response. I can share my dashboards and all other things to another namespace.

Have you tried with QuickSight template?

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@Xing I couldn’t understand about Quicksight template? what do you mean QuickSight templat

Hello Guys,

I am facing one issue related to dashboard sharing from one namespace to another namespace i.e. “The underlying dataset cannot be viewed from this namespace”.

I applied rls security for dashboard in first namespace and shared with another namespace. when I opened dashboard in another namespace then above error given. dont know why it is showing this error. I added user and given permission thorugh rls for your information.

Note: When I shared dashboard from one namespace to another namespace without rls then I can see records in dashboard but when I applied rls security then it is giving me error: “The underlying dataset cannot be viewed from this namespace”

@Koushik_Muthanna @Xing

Hello Guys,

Got the answers for above error as I am using UserARN instead of Username while applying RLS

Note: I used only UserARN and region, we can apply RLS without using GroupARN as well.

Here is the reference for QuickSight template:Template - Amazon QuickSight