Calculate difference between From/To dates in Date picker

Hi all!

Is it possible to dynamically calculate the difference between the From and To date a user selects in the date picker (e.g. to calculate a daily average)?
My dataset has some date gaps (so no row at all instead of rows with 0 values), so the minimum and maximum date are not solving my issue.
In the past, I created two separate date controls using my own parameter ${fromDate} and ${toDate} which allowed me to calculate the difference. But of course, the date picker widget has a much better user experience.

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Hi @bernhard.boehm, currently there is no out-of-box capability in QS to support an automatic calculation between the start and end date. Your approach of using two parameters is an elegent way of doing that. We will take it as a feature request and plan for future enhancement for filter date control experience.