Calculate Stickiness Metric

I am trying to calculate a stickiness metric, which is Daily Active Users/Weekly Active Users (DAU/WAU).
I tried to do it in 2 ways, but both of them do not work.

1- Using distinctCountOver

Column ‘Week from Day’ Means:

This is the error I got:
“Mismatched aggregation. Custom aggregations can’t contain both aggregate “distinctCountOver” and non-aggregated fields “DISTINCTCOUNTOVER(“USERID”, “Week from day”, PRE_AGG)”, in any combination.”

2- Using Distinct count with group by:

This is the error I get:
“The calculation operated on Level Aware Calculation (LAC) agg expressions is not valid”.

Please help me to solve those issues or suggest me a different method to calculate stickiness.

@Eldad_Levi - Thank you for posting your query! Please try out the below calculation:

distinctCountOver({USERID}, [{DATE}], PRE_AGG) / distinctCountOver({USERID}, [truncDate(‘WK’, {DATE})], PRE_AGG)

I have tried to replicate it at my end using a sample dataset and it seems to be working. Sharing the snapshot for reference. Hope this helps!

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