Calculate Sum of individual records in a Table

Hi, I have a following calculated field: Calc1: sumOver(sumIf(abs(Qty), {Key Figure} = ‘History Total’), [Date])
which is in the Value field well of a Table and “Date” field in GroupBy Column. This field calculated Quantity for a given Key Figure per grouped by dates. I want to get sum of each row (for every grouped by date) and NOT sum in regards to the whole table (which is how QuickSight calculates Totals in a Table). Is there any way I can do this?

Hi @Karolinka , I am trying to pre-produce your issues. Your function looks correct to me, it will give you the sum of the quantity for each date if the date has quantity number for the sumif condition. And the total for the rows are summing up all the numbers.
Can you clarify what is wrong and what is your expectation?


Hi @Karolinka,

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