Calculated Control - Multiply Usage Amount by rates in lookup table


I am looking to replicate something in Quicksight that I can currently do in Excel/PowerBI. Basically, I have tables with Region, Usage, Charges columns by customer that I pull from my dataset. I have another table that lists discounted rate plans where plan A is up to 10K minutes, plan B is 10K to 20K minutes, etc. Each region as a different discounted rate per rate plan.

I can create in excel an output table that shows me the customer’s current Usage and Charges by region as well as what they would pay for each region based on Plan A, Plan B, etc. It simply calculates current usage by Plan A region rate to give me the total Plan A region charge.

Wondering if better to create the calculated fields in Quicksight, or add tables and create relationships in my data preparation with an output table that already gives me all the results of the calculations.

hi @mdboug, if you create the calculations, joins in SPICE dataset, row-level calculations will be pre-calculated and saved as part of the dataset resulting in better perfromance in addition to being available for each of the analysis that will be built based on this dataset, so less maintenance effort going forward. Please refer this Tips and tricks for high-performant dashboards blog for other considerations.