Calculated field based on User Selection

I am building a QS Dashboard wherein I have to give user the option to select the Week Number (From the drop-down) and accordingly the user will see the corresponding numbers. The following calculated field is used (along with its definition):

  1. Revenue CW: sumIf(amount, Year = extract(‘YYYY’, now()))
    Now, when the user selects a certain week from the drop-down, the above metric gives the desired value, but I need to build another metric which calculates the ‘Previous Week’ value depending on the user selection enabling me to calculate WoW% and other related metrics. I tried various workaround such as by creating Parameters, but to no avail. Can you please help me in creating the ‘Revenue PW’ metric?

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Hello @Erachit !

Have you looked into this solution? >

If this doesn’t help, could you try breaking down the problem further or describing what you would like your end dashboard to look like?

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Hello @duncan ,

Thanks for your response. Please find the problem breakdown below:

Data (Revenue & Units) is available at the ‘Day’ granularity, but I need to aggregate/display the data to a weekly level. Week can be selected by the user from a dropdown list. Using this data, I need to calculate WoW% and YoY% and display them in different visualizations (such as Tables, Pie Charts, Trending YoY% Chart) in the analysis.

Currently, I am able to calculate Revenue/Units, but only for the week selected by the user with the following definition.
Revenue CW: sumIf(amount, Year = extract(‘YYYY’, now()))

Assuming, the user selects Week 25 from the drop-down, the above mentioned calculated field will display the revenue for Week 25. But, I am not able to calculate the Revenue for the previous week (i.e. Week 24, in our case) and hence not able to calculate WoW% and other relevant metrics.

Please let me know if I missed on any details.
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Hey @Erachit ,

Have you tried creating a calculated field with the PeriodOverPeriodPercentDifference function that is based on your week choice parameter, then adding that to your WoW / YoY visualization? It might be helpful to also check out this blog post on the same topic.

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