Calculated field conditional expression

Hello all I have a Map visual in my dashboard, I am trying to creative a color classification for field called SOC, here is a Calculated field I have created but it doesn’t work

IF(SOC_Field <= 25, ‘Red’,
IF(SOC_Field > 25 AND SOC_Field < 75, ‘Yellow’, ‘Blue’))

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Ho @olusegun83 - Can you create the calculated field with below expression.

ifelse({SOC_Field} <=25,‘Red’, ({SOC_Field} >25 AND {SOC_Field} <75),‘Yellow’,‘Blue’ )

I tested and it looks ok to me.

Hope this will help you. If it worked for you, please marked it as solution.

Regards - San


@Sanjeeb2022 what i was try to do is to make the colors on the map with the expression as seen below.

What’s off exactly? What does your data look like after your calculated field?

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