Calculated field countif based on column criteria

Hey team,

I am trying to create a column which has the total amount of associates that completed a certain training, below is an example of what it looks like minimized

It seems correct however when I maximize ARU FAST Master trainer, I can see that there are only a total of 10, not 12 as stated as seen below

I am using the following formula for the completed columns for reference

countOver(ifelse({training_status_new}=“Completed”,1,0), [{training_title},login], POST_AGG_FILTER)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

It is a bit unclear to me why you would want to use that calculated field for Completed - I would expect you can simply use a COUNT aggregation on some id field that you have.

However, could you expand all the remaining columns please (Job Title, etc?) and also show any filters you have please?

Hi Darren! Thank you for your quick response! I was actually able to get it figured out! Turns out I should’ve included the column that I was counting (the measure) as the condition as well since there are multiple expandable choices in the training status column (Completed/ In progress)

Here is the formula I used

[{training_title}, login, {location_id},region,{training_status_new}]