Calculated Field Error for Creating Yes/No Flag

Hi QuickSight Community,

I would like to create a Yes/No calculated field where it determines when stacking location contains “-FLAT” and the average package count is less than 250, it would be marked as “Yes”, else “No”.

I created a calculated field with the following formula:
ifelse(contains({stacking_location}, ‘-FLAT’) AND avgOver({pkg_count}, [{sort_center}, {parent_stacking_filter},{stacking_location}]) < 250, ‘Y’, ‘N’)

However, I am getting an error that says “Mismatched aggregation. Custom aggregations can’t contain both aggregated and nonaggregated fields, in any combination.”

I was wondering if anyone happened to know how I can get it to work. Thank you!

Hello @yipk !

I would recommend moving the avgOver calculation to its own and retrying this calculated field:

avgOverCalc = avgOver({pkg_count}, [{sort_center}, {parent_stacking_filter},{stacking_location}])

contains({stacking_location}, ‘-FLAT’) = 'True' AND 
avgOverCalc < 250, 

I also recommend checking out this blog post from one of the community experts:

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @duncan , thank you for your response!

I gave your two calculated fields a try, but I am still getting the same error of "mismatched aggregation. Custom aggregations can’t contain both aggregated and non-aggregated fields, in any combination.

I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Hey @yipk !

avgIfFlat =

ifelse(contains({stacking_location}, ‘-FLAT’), {pkg_count}, NULL),
[{sort_center}, {parent_stacking_filter},{stacking_location}])

Then a second calculated field would be:

{avgIfFlat} >= 250, 

You may have to experiment with the Null value to get this to work.

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Hi @duncan !

I gave the avgIfFlat a try, but it appears to not be working. I get an error as shown below:

For more context, this is the pivot table that I am trying to apply the flagging logic on:

I would like to flag the -FLAT stacking locations when the average package count is less than 250.

Hey @yipk !

I think you should try breaking these both up and then apply it to an ifelse statement.

Change avg calc to this: avg({pkg_count}, [{sort_center}, {parent_stacking_filter},{stacking_location}])

Calc 1 = ifelse(contains({stacking_location}, ‘-FLAT’) = True, 1, 0)
Calc2 = ifelse({avgIfFlat} >= 250, 1, 0)

Calc3 = ifelse({Calc1} + {Calc2} = 2, 'Yes, 'No')