Calculated field error

Hi all, I have a small question, I m using a simple calculated field ifelse(((completetime)>=(starttime)),‘yes’,‘no’) as ec2 acted
when I select all it is showing 101

when I select yes it is showing 70

when i select no instead of 31 it is showing 101

can someone guide this?

Can you break this out to a table where you have the groups like this: calculated field, event id.

My guess is that an event id can be both.

I’ve helped the customer offline yesterday. Capturing results here for other users.
The pie chart was aggregating data using distinctCount which is not an additive measure. That’s why it is possible to see 101 both when “Select all” is selected and when “no” is selected.

To get the expected result when “no” is selected in the filter, we needed to change expression from
ifelse(((maxOver({completetime}, [event_type, event_id], PRE_AGG))>=(maxOver({starttime}, [event_type, event_id], PRE_AGG))),‘yes’,‘no’)

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Thanks for posting the results here @Tatyana_Yakushev! :slight_smile: