Calculated Field: How can I total a distinct count?

Hi There,

I am try to create a calculated field that will give me percent of total users. When I try to do so I receive the following error: “Adding totals to distinct count aggregations is currently unsupported.”

For example, I’d like a column to show the percent of total unique users that performed an action. In the screenshot below. For “add_holding_to…” I’d like the field to calculate = 88/487 = 18%


Thanks for the help!

Hi @daynamccue
Please have a look at


Hi Erik, Thank you. The percentofTotal calculation does not allow for aggregration of distinct counts. Is there a way to get around this?

@daynamccue, in order to calculate % of total for distinct count measures, you need to calcualte numerators and denominators separately and then divide. Please refer below posts on the community that address the same requirement-
1/ Percentof Total with distinct count
2/ Percent of Total for Distinct Count
Feel free to search community for other posts that provide solve for your question.