Calculated Field Influenced by Filter on Dashboard Help

Hello QS Community! I have a multi-series line chart that shows retention percentage for different cohorts. For the sake of this question, please imagine there are 10 cohorts (10 lines) on this chart that map the percentage (y-axis) of users from D1 to D10 (x-axis).

I want to include an 11th line that is the average of each of these lines; essentially getting the average of D1, D2, D3… D10 and plotting it on the chart, with all the other lines. Also, this chart has a between date filter influencing it so this average line would shift just like the cohorts based on the dates chosen.

Does this calculated field + filter functionality exist? If so, can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

Are you talking about a reference line?

Or an additional x-axis point? You can’t add an additional x-axis cohort without doing this in SQL.

The image here shows an example. All the gray lines are actual data points which I’ve been able to produce in QS. The next step is producing that red line which is the average path for each of those gray lines. In other words, the red line is averaging each data point along the x-axis, one x-axis value at a time. I hope this makes sense, please let me know if I need to word it differently.

For the gray’s are you separating it by a color? Or is it just a value?

If it’s not separated by a color than you can add a value.

You might look to add a calculated field that does the avgOver.