Calculated Field Not working, Similar ones work fine

Hello All, I’ve made a couple calculated fields that work in a system to find the lowest value of two assessment types.

The final category is supposed to be “masters”, “exemplary” and so on instead of 1-4. The Syntax I’ve tried using to convert the numbers into the larger categories is as follows:

{Final Category}=4, “Masters”,
{Final Category}=3, “Exemplary”,
{Final Category}=2, “Recognized”,

I’m getting an error on the first {final category} and I’m not sure why. Any help on this topic would be great. Thanks.

Hi @ethan_shaffer -

It’s possible you are trying to compare an integer with a string. I can’t tell the data type of ‘Final Category’ from the image.

You can quickly check this by switching your integers to strings in your calculated field and see if it works.

{Final Category}='4', “Masters”,
{Final Category}='3', “Exemplary”,
{Final Category}='2', “Recognized”,