Calculated field

i am trying to create a calculated field that adds multiple subfields together like the example below, does not seem to add up correctly.

distinct_countIf(vin, {category} = ‘AD’ , ‘TW’, ‘TW2’ )

Hi @olusegun83 -

Are you able to post an example calculated field that is closer to what you’ve already tried?

If 'TW 'and ‘TW2’ are fields you are wanting to perform distinct count on, you’ll want them in the format of {TW} and {TW2}. You can also select and insert your fields by using ‘Fields’ under the right pane.

Hey @olusegun83

Are you trying to count vin if category equals any of those values?

Have you tried this?

distinct_countIf(vin, {category} = ‘AD’ OR {category} =‘TW’ OR {category} =‘TW2’ )