[Calculated fields] Analysis vs Data Prep Level

[Calculated fields] Analysis vs Data Prep
at which stage do you recommend inserting Calculated fields ?
in other words, what are the benefits of each level?
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Hi @chhbi

Here is a high-level comparison of using calculated fields at the analysis level vs data prep level in Amazon QuickSight:

Calculated Fields Analysis Level Data Prep Level
Use Cases Tailored to specific analysis/visual Reusable across analyses
Flexibility Can change often during exploration Governed transformations
Data Scope Compute on aggregated data Affect raw dataset
Field References Can leverage other analysis fields Referenced in analysis calculated fields
Performance Interactive analytical workflow Efficient for large data
Workflow Stage Ad hoc analytics Early data preparation
Nested Calculations Simpler calculations More complex

In summary:

  • Analysis level calculated fields enable flexible analytics tailored to the needs of a given analysis.

  • Data prep calculated fields allow governed transformations reusable across analyses for efficiency.

  • Using calculated fields at both levels together provides benefits across the analytics workflow.

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Very much so.
Thank you for your clear and prompt response
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