Calculated fields disappear

Hello guys, Has anyone else faced this problem? Sometimes, my calculation fields disappear from my Analyses, and to get my calculation back, I need to save my Dashboard as an Analyses. It is so weird.

Thank you


Try it another browser.

Check your autosave on. I worked on QS last couple of years, have no experience such kind of issue.


Naveed Ali

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Hi @Naveed, thank you for your reply. It was my first time facing it in QuickSight and It is so weird. I am using Chrome and my Autosave is ON.

I think it is a real bug.

I recall there were a few instances where I had to do hard refreshes (CTRL-SHIFT-R on windows or CMD-SHIFT-R on mac) to bypass the browser cache and get latest changes - don’t recall if issue was with calculated fields though (I believe it was after updating dataset query and opening it again). However, I suggest you try that if you encounter this again.

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Hi @darcoli and @Naveed

I think I figured our what happened here. In fact am trying to create an Analyses as a “Template”, and when I try to replace the dataset (even though it has the same columns in the second dataset), the problem arises.

Let’s move on to the real problem. Have you ever created a model in Quicksight?

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