Calculating Percent of Total Sales

I am looking to calculate the % Sales for the total within each category and date. I’ve attached an excerpt of my data below. For example I want to sum all the sales within CRE Permanent on 2023-01-31 and then for each Customer ID I’d like to be able to calculate the % of the total. So for the Customer ID 3490 I’d like to take the sales for that customer and divide it by the total sales within CRE Permanent on 2023-01-31. I can’t seem to do this in a calculated field, does anyone know how?


Hi @ericacassidy

For sales by category and date , you can create a calculated field : sum(Sales,[Category,Date]) . You can then create a new calculated field where you divide it by Sales to get the %.

You can use level aware calculations , the blogs walk through examples which should help you build your set of calculations.


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