Calculating Percent of

Hi there,

I have this sample data set: Columns:
Name, Target for Month, Reports Made
John 2 3
Carl 8 8
Julie 8 7
Roger 8 6

How do I calculate the total number of people (Name) that have Reports Made>Target for month out of the total number of people (Name)? Tks

Create a calculated field with a formula like:

countIf({Name}, {Reports Made} > {Target for Month})

As a result of the structure of the database. The sample table could only be obtained if Target for Month is aggregated by AVG and Reports Made aggregated by DISTINCT COUNT. The function you provided would not work, do you have any other ideas? tks


ifelse(distinct_count({Reports Made})>avg({Target for Month}), count({Name}), NULL)

Otherwise, it’s helpful to create calculated fields for each of your aggregated values and put them in a table so you can use them to debug. Then use them in the formula to see if you’re getting correct results.