Calculating period Over Period increases and decreases

Hi, the function periodOverPeriodDifference gives aggregated differences between two periods. Is there a way to calculate the increase amount and decrease amount separately?
In dataset I have customerid, transactionDate, salesAmount and I want to find out from Jan to Feb what was the increase and decrease part (without having customerid in Field Wells). For example, the periodOverPeriodDifference from Jan to Feb is +200 but I want to display +600 and -400.

Hello @qsuser, I am not sure I entirely understand what you are trying to show here. I think my best guess to helping you towards a solution here would be to look into the calculation of periodOverPeriodLastValue.

Using this could give you some different functionality capabilities in regards to how you want to display those differences since it will give you the previous period salesAmount on the same row as the current period.

Let me know if this is helpful in finding your solution!

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Hi @DylanM ,
I couldn’t create a solution. To explain it further, I have thousands of customer records and each customer can have multiple monthly transactions. I want to show increases and decreases separately without showing customer ids in a visual

Hello @qsuser, in regards to displaying the values you want without displaying the Customerid, you can add the CustomerId field to your field well, then select the down arrow on the field and click the hide button. That way it will continue to aggregate your data appropriately without display the id. I’ll show a screen shot of that button below:

As for this part you are mentioning about showing the increase and the decrease, I think I need some more information. Not every month would have an increase or a decrease value right? The difference would show that this month was x amount higher or x amount lower than the previous month. I don’t think I understand.

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