Calculating TPS

I have the following dataset
Date (in milliseconds)
Payment ID

I need to calculate transaction per second. I have tried periodtodateavg but it’s coming blank. How do I do this?

Hi @Ciku

you want to show the count of transaction, right?

You could try to move date on x-axis and payment id as value with count?


Thank Eric,

I have this view already. But I need a calculation that I keep put on a gauge chart so that it shows red when it goes above a set limit

You could try
countOver({payment id},[{date}])

Hi @Ciku -
Did @ErikG 's suggestion solve your issue? If not, could you please provide more details so we can help?

Hello @Ciku !

It has been come time since we have heard from you but we would still like to help you find a solution.

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