Calculation: Correct input, wrong output. why?


My calculated field (test) is this formula:


from the image above, the formula is (A/B)*C. (55.14/17920)*17920 If you calculate it with any calculator the result should be 55.14. but here in QuickSight it is coming to 53.76 I could not figure out why!

If I substitute the numbers directly (55.14/17920)*17920 I get the correct result (test2 column)


I tried a little experiment, I changed the formula in test2 to the following:


and the result was this


but If you enter the same numbers in any calculator you will get this:


what is going on here? how can I get the correct result?

It has to do with rounding.

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Thanks, this solved the issue. using round() did not. I hope this gets resolved by Amazon rather quickly.

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