Calculation of Power BI into Quick sight

Following is the measures used in POWER BI.
" if ( Currency_Code == “EUR”) {Sales_PriceOrdered_Quantity } else if (Currency_Code == “USD”) {Sales_Price/ 1.14Ordered_Quantity} "

What will be the calculation which can be used into Quicksight.?

Hi @Hemant_rangdal ,

should be something like.

ifelse( Currency_Code = "EUR", {Sales_Price}*{Ordered_Quantity}, Currency_Code = "USD", {Sales_Price}/1.14*{Ordered_Quantity},0)

or if its only EUR and USD

ifelse( Currency_Code = "EUR", {Sales_Price}*{Ordered_Quantity}, {Sales_Price}/1.14*{Ordered_Quantity})

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thank you @ErikG
it works


Thanks for letting us know @ErikG’s solution worked for you and for marking it as solved – which helps the Community! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ErikG, as always, for sharing your expertise!