Call Stored Procedure from calculated field

Hello All,
I am looking to call Snowflake stored procedure using a calculated field in a visual. Can we achieve this ?
If not , is there any alternate solution?
Please suggest

Hi @vkhilari
what do you want to achieve and why a caluclated field?

I need to show a value in a table visual which is calculated on the fly in my database, hence the requirement.

Maybe you can use a dataset parameter?

Hello @vkhilari !

Was @ErikG 's suggestion above helpful and if so could you mark their comment as a solution to help the community?

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Hello All, the post shared by EricG, was not what I was looking for…
I have still not found a solution to my problem.

Hi @vkhilari
as you can only use Select statement within the dataset you have to figure it out that way or the more complicated way would be a API call that will call the procedure and bring back the results within your dataset.
Something similar to that post.


In this implementation, on click of hyperlink, a new page is opened which results in getting the data from redshift.
What I need is fetching the data from an api and display the response received from it in Quicksight dashboard.
Please suggest if this is possible anyhow?
Thanks Vertika

Yes but the idea is to call a function (what ever that function will do) and use the result also within QuickSight.

So, call your stored procedure with parameters (e.g. update a table) and use the table as a dataset within QuickSight.