Can a cross account Lake Formation resource be used in QuickSight

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Can a cross account Lake Formation resource be used in QuickSight?
(Facing issues in trying to set permissions in Lake Formation)

Yes. Cross account database and table resource links in Lake Formation can be used in QuickSight via Athena connector.

Ensure the following permissions are configured in Lake Formation (in account where resource links have been created.)

  1. Grant describe (permission + grantable) on the resource link to QuickSight user/group arn.
    Ensure that you are using QuickSight arn and not iam arn.

  2. Grant on target on the resource link with select (permission + grantable) for QuickSight user/group arn. (Selecting all tables option is causing error in LF; Selecting needed tables explicitly works.)

Cross check the following in source account’s Lake Formation.

  1. Ensure that the s3 bucket is registered as a data location in Lake Formation.
    (Usually will already be done; Cross check for public buckets as they would work from Athena even without this, but will work from QuickSight only if explicitly registered in Lake Formation)

Arun Santhosh

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I’ve tried these steps but it seems something is still a miss as I can’t even see the tables, just the database link name…what could it be missing? I’m unfortunately stuck at this stage at present :frowning:

I’m encountering the same issue, i can’t see my tables in QS. Have you been able to resolve it? Please help me figure it out." :pray: