Can a viewer click on datasets and use the tables in the dataset to preview the data?

Can a user with access as “viewer” be able to click on the dataset and edit dataset which will then open a read-only preview of the data? and they can be able to apply a filter on the data?

As an admin, i was able to edit the dataset and also was able to edit the data inside the table including the datatypes.

Just want to know if viewer can view in datasets? or should he be granted access via a new report only?

Hi @yesh

A viewer on a dataset in Amazon QuickSight can only see the dataset, use it in analysis, and see the custom SQL, but not a preview of the results.

You can also share your analyses as read-only dashboards and allow your viewers to interact and filter the visualizations without modifying the original analysis. To do this, when you publish a dashboard, try to select “Enable ad hoc filtering”.

Please let me know if this has answered your question, thanks in advance.

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@shravya, Thanks for getting back on the question. Is there a feature in quicksight where users with viewer access will be able to browse all the tables in a dataset? and may be apply filters on top the table? basically its like a sql tool, where users click on schema–table name and then can preview the data in the table

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@yesh - So, as per my knowledge, to achieve this they must be an author or an admin. But, we can give them author permissions with selected datasets. You can use “Manage Assets” to give permission to the datasets which you wanted them to view.

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