Can columns be allowed to be re-arranged in viewer mode

We know that the sequence of the columns are set by author at the time of designing the dashboard for a table or Pivot table visualization. I have a requirement, where in each user have their preferences on the columns, how they are sequences. E.g. If there are 4 Columns, A, B, C, D. Then Few users want to see B, A, C, D some more want to see D, A, C, B. So as a Author, I cannot decide how the columns are sequenced. We need to allow users to change the sequence, just like we allow viewers to set the filters, sorting, etc.,

Appreciate any help to achieve this.

Hello @Harish_Bantwal_Kamat , thanks for the feature request.

As you are mentioning this is currently not possible when accessing dashboards as a reader but we will consider your request for adding it in future releases.

Keep posted to the AWS Blog for future QS releases!

Than you!

As Enrique mentioned, we can include it in our feature request. We don’t have a drag and drop feature to swap column sequence. But we can allow user to select which data field they want for different dimensions by using calculated field. Here is a demo using bar chart. But you can do the same in a table

Thanks So much for your response, @royyung , appreciate your quick response. this will have some overheads, which I want to avoid. May be will need to wait for this feature, as @EnriqueS mentioned.

Thanks again to both of you

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