Can I add values from two different data sets in one report?

Hey Community,

I wanna create a report but want to add columns from two different datasets. How can I do that in quicksight?


Hi @musama
By report, you mean a sheet or dashboard? If so, yes. you can use two different datasets and create visuals. However, each visual will be tied to only one dataset. you cannot use one column from one dataset and another column from a different dataset in the same visual.


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Hi @n_vetri,
Actually I am creating dashboard report and need data from multiple datasets for that. want to use it in same visual. As per your answer that is not possible in quicksight at the moment.


Hello @musama !

You are correct that is not currently a capability in Quicksight. I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

That being said, I would recommend using SQL to join the fields you want from your separate datatsets.