Can I display the numerator and percentage in the same field?

HI QS Community!

I want to display the numerator and percentage in a field. Essentially I want a table that will show values in a table like this: 3 (34%).

I’m trying to recreate this :


Hey Mike,

We can use concat to display two or more strings in a field.
Note that argument of concat must be a string, so we may need to toString to convert number input.

Please check sample below:

Input data: numerator, percentage

Calculated fields:

percentage in string = toString({percentage} * 100)

concat field = concat(toString({numerator}), " (", substring({percentage in string}, 1, strlen({percentage in string}) - 3), "%)") 
// Using substring to format percentage to 1 decimal places like your sample

Hope this answer your question :grinning:


Thank you so much! This is perfect!