Can I track usage in Dashboards - users and usage

Hi ,
Can I track usage of dashboard based on Users?
for example:

  • number of times entered and dates / times
  • time in dashboard


If you are a QuickSight admin you can see when the user last logged in. You can use CloudWatch to generate the report you are after on usage.

I use the AWS Cost and Usage Report, which can be visualized in QuickSight itself.

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Take a look at this blog post to build an administrative console to see usage metrics: Building an administrative console in Amazon QuickSight to analyze usage metrics | AWS Big Data Blog

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Related to this request @cddesroc - is there anyway to track usage of elements or tab clicks within a dashboard? In my use case we are embedding dashboards to users within our SaaS products. We are currently creating dashboard sessions for each embedded dashboard and display them in their session containers in our app on a single page so they can vertically scroll to engage with different dashboards.

I’d love to know which dashboards users prefer to interact with and what aspects of the dashboard they engage with most (filters/visual objects/export/etc.). Without the ability to tag UI elements of the embedded QS dashboard through a UX tool like Pendo, we don’t have much visibility. I would love to know if within QuickSight there is someway to aggregate usage of elements within the published dashboard, specifically for embedded dashboard use cases.

We probably could create workflows to force users to click and pick specific dashboards to view or link in-app controls to the dashboard, but without creating complex user workflows, was hoping there was something today or on the roadmap to gain more insight into dashboard usage trends.


There is no way to currently track this. I will convey this as a feature request to the team though. Thank you

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